Barilla Factory

Barilla Factory is a creative space to exchange your point of views about topics, products and relations. It’s a way to participate and to co-create content.

Barilla Factory is a platform connecting different countries and cultures, engaging creative people, well known filmmakers and new talents.

In the projects launched on the Barilla Factory people are asked to express themselves in different creative languages. Every project is related to a region that the Brand can explore thanks to the community.

People are invited to imagine stories and concepts, not only related to Barilla’s reality, but also to their own world view, new habits and ways of life.

More and more often the most engaging and sharable information, entertainment and creative are realised by a community. With the Barilla Factory, Barilla offers a place where creative people can dialogue and create together new sceneries and new stories.

The Barilla Factory serves as an ideas hub, it’s an innovative platform where filmmakers from around the world can communicate their skills and ideas, sharing diversity and collaborating to provide Barilla with new ideas.