L'Arte della Cucina

Barilla invites you to put your creativity to work to bring to life a fresh expression of Barilla Sauce and potentially become part of the Barilla collection. Create a contemporary interpretation of Barilla Sauce, in ‘poster’ format, that commun... Read more

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Deadline: October 10th

(US Residents Only)

496 Participants - 81 Creative

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October 10, 2014 at 11:59pm EST

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L'Arte della Cucina
(US Residents Only)

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sockless added a comment
04 Nov 2014
Bruno1 added a comment
Love it! Beautiful!!!!!!Congrats Annalisa :) CJG
03 Nov 2014
mashoodo added a comment
Love the look of fresh vegetables. Yes! fresh veggies. Great work!!
03 Nov 2014
ciciog added a comment
Won't Last Long but it sure shouts Freshness.
02 Nov 2014
LanaSmith added a comment
Love it
01 Nov 2014
turkeyo added a comment
Love it...
31 Oct 2014
martiontheradio added a comment
Best Poster and Nix is the Best Artist!
31 Oct 2014
GIO.TO added a comment
A contest where significant exalts the Italian origin of the product Barilla, colors and simple words but convincing.
31 Oct 2014