Made Fresh

Made Fresh


L'Arte della Cucina

2014-10-11 05:18:42

The concept behind this poster was to represent the freshness of the Barilla brand by re-creating the unique shape of their sauce bottle, using the very garden fresh ingredients, they use to make their sauce. Our idea was that the bottle shape could be re-made using the different ingredients found in each flavor of Barilla sauce. For example, in this poster we see a Barilla bottle created from all the ingredients used in their ‘Mushroom Sauce'. Similarly, a bottle for every Barilla flavor can be made with its related ingredients, turning the poster into a series of eye catching and appetizing images! All of which showcase the best quality of ingredients Barilla uses to make its sauces.

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Very original and creative. Love the smart concept behind it too
Won't Last Long but it sure shouts Freshness.
Love the look of fresh vegetables. Yes! fresh veggies. Great work!!