… Barilla, naturally.

… Barilla, naturally.


L'Arte della Cucina

2014-10-09 14:44:13

I love stories. I wanted the 'Barilla - L'Arte della Cucina' poster to be simple and clean, but, for as much as possible, to also tell a story. In this case: the natural evolution of a tomato. I have always loved the drawing of the human evolution process (and its parodies). It is such a strong image that you can replace humans with anything else and, as long as you have at least five steps, people will always associate it with 'evolution'. The last one I saw started from a Gorilla that step-by-step stood up straighter and straighter until he became the Modern Homo sapiens. The next and last step was a Man with a Smartphone, and he was starting to bend down again... For the poster tag line, I choose a font that reminded me of the bar signs you could find all over Italy in the fifties. These bars were the heart of every small town. There is something both romantic and elegant about the simplicity of that vintage style. Romantic, simple and elegant. Very Italian.

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I love the simple statement this makes. I can almost smell the tomato plant. Brings back childhood memories of planting the tiny tomato plant and watching it bloom and grow these delicious fruits.
A contest where significant exalts the Italian origin of the product Barilla, colors and simple words but convincing.